February 17, 2021

Water System Progress, CenterPoint Resumes Rolling Blackouts

Bellaire Public Works crews have made good progress today in bringing our water production facilities back online, and system pressures are steadily increasing.  We’re optimistic service will be back to normal by later in the day tomorrow, but different parts of the City may see improvement at different times.  For now, the boil water notice remains in effect.

All of our wells are at least partially operational again and currently have power.  We’re also starting to get some surface water from the City of Houston and hoping that will continue.  Crews are working to thaw out frozen chemical feed lines, and the boil water notice cannot be lifted until that’s done, the system is flushed, and the water is confirmed to be safe.

So overall the prognosis is pretty good, but if we should lose power again at these facilities all bets are off.  We have identified to CenterPoint these locations as critical, and thus far they’ve been able to prioritize them and have kept us up and running.  Public Works is closely monitoring every aspect of this situation.

There are no known problems with the sewer system.  Our wastewater treatment plant and all lift stations are operating normally.  Any residents experiencing blockages should contact Public Works at (713) 662-8170, or the EOC non-emergency line, (713) 668-0487.

Although there are still operational issues preventing power restoration for some customers in our area, as statewide electricity shortages continue CenterPoint has begun implementing rolling blackouts again.  Though it’s obviously hugely frustrating to get power back, only to lose it again, hopefully this means each outage will be of shorter duration than what we endured earlier in the week, and residents will have an opportunity to warm up a bit and charge their devices.  CenterPoint cautions, however, that outages could persist longer or even expand if ERCOT orders further load reductions, and customers should be prepared for that possibility.  Earlier today the City passed along this CenterPoint press release providing additional details.