November 13, 2017

Thank You, Dennis Quaid!

The Bellaire Block Party this weekend was a rockin’ good time as Dennis Quaid and his band, The Sharks, treated us to a much-needed afternoon of fun.  As our community steadily recovers from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, Dennis came home to help boost morale and most of all, to honor our local heroes.  He spoke fondly of his all-American childhood growing up in Bellaire, and while his big-screen career took him off to Hollywood, it’s clear his heart never left home.

November 2, 2017

Flood Hazard Mitigation Task Force Gets to Work

The Council Chamber was packed Monday night for the first meeting of the Flood Hazard Mitigation Task Force, as appointees and interested residents came together for introductions and orientation.  The City Manager provided a detailed overview of the work that lies ahead, but purposely left open the question, for each member of the Task Force to consider individually, what it is we seek to accomplish.  With all options on the table, there are no foregone conclusions as to where the process will lead.