November 13, 2017

Thank You, Dennis Quaid!

The Bellaire Block Party this weekend was a rockin’ good time as Dennis Quaid and his band, The Sharks, treated us to a much-needed afternoon of fun.  As our community steadily recovers from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, Dennis came home to help boost morale and most of all, to honor our local heroes.  He spoke fondly of his all-American childhood growing up in Bellaire, and while his big-screen career took him off to Hollywood, it’s clear his heart never left home.

Sponsored by Patrons for Bellaire Parks, the Bellaire Business Association, the City of Bellaire and numerous local businesses and individual donors, the event was dedicated to the Bellaire Brave, those first responders and other city employees across all departments who were personally impacted by the hurricane.  Even as their own families and homes were at risk, they answered their call to duty in taking care of us here in Bellaire, working around the clock throughout the storm and its aftermath.  Heroes all, the Bellaire Brave put service above self each and every day, and especially in our time of greatest need.  That it was also Veterans Day fit nicely as we paused as a community to celebrate and recognize all who have served.

It was a touching moment when the Patrons went up on stage, and presented to the dozens of Bellaire Brave honorees assembled behind them a check for $85,000 to assist in their recovery from the storm.  To have raised such a staggering amount in just two short months shows how much they’re appreciated throughout our community.  In yet another gesture of kindness, generosity and heartfelt love for his hometown, Dennis called for a pen so he could add his own personal contribution to the check, to ensure it topped at least $100,000.  The collective emotion on stage and in the crowd was palpable.

The show went on throughout the afternoon and was just perfect in every way.  Dennis Quaid and the Sharks had at least as much fun as we did!  It was a big and memorable event for us, and both highlighted and reinvigorated our indomitable community spirit.

The people of Bellaire—residents and city employees—are most grateful to Dennis Quaid for reaching out to us and making this happen, along with brother Buddy and Marielle Quaid who were instrumental in pulling it off.  We thank the event sponsors and organizers, with special recognition to Cheryl Bright, Assistant Director of Parks, Recreation & Facilities, who took on this project and executed it masterfully.  And of course the Bellaire Brave, whose commitment to service inspires us all.  Thanks to you and all you do for us, we are Bellaire Strong.