January 6, 2021

We Are #OneBellaire

Given the political climate across our country in recent years, it’s no surprise we too have become increasingly polarized here in Bellaire.  The sidewalks charter election in November, which was never really about sidewalks, only underscored the point.  Down-ballot of the presidential election, we achieved a nearly 84% turnout, with 2,000+ ballots more than were cast in our last three City Council elections—combined.  And our voters split pretty much right down the middle.

But even more than the incredibly close outcome, it was the conduct of the election that laid bare the depths of our division.  It got intensely personal, heated and sometimes downright nasty.  People said stuff online to and about their neighbors they’d (hopefully) never say to their faces.  And this has been going on for some time now.  Sadly, we’ve been allowing our political disagreements to tear at the fibers of our social fabric.

Our beloved hometown's turning against itself is for me a call to action.  We have so much to be proud of, and thankful for, and I know Bellaire can do better.  I ask you to join me, in resolving this New Year, to begin the process of healing our divided community.