June 14, 2022

Upping Our Game at the Bellaire Pound

An aging facility pushing the limits of its useful service life, our animal pound has been limping along for years.  We’ve all known it, but admittedly haven’t given it the attention it deserves, until recently.  It’s not that we haven’t cared about it; it’s just that it’s one among many needs competing for priority, such as a new library, public works building and Evergreen Park renovations, not to mention streets and drainage.  Improving or replacing the pound has long been somewhere in that mix but simply hadn’t made it to the top.  Significant public interest and input over the past year or so has certainly helped change that, and we’re pleased by all the progress we’ve made.

Support for the pound featured prominently in the development of this year’s budget, which includes increased funding for operational expenses and maintains replacement of the facility as an identified project in the Capital Improvement Plan.  At the City Council’s direction, staff are currently researching options and developing proposals for a new pound to be considered sooner than originally contemplated.  We could potentially be ready to move forward with something in the fairly near future.

Aside from the facility itself, the City has also made great strides in correcting acknowledged deficiencies and upgrading our pound operations overall.  Starting with our having brought on a full-time, dedicated Animal Control Officer able to devote her undivided attention and years of experience to the job.  In only her first few months with us she’s already made some meaningful changes and is really turning things around.