March 28, 2022

Bellaire Place Planned Developments Approved

The road to Bellaire Place, at the site of the former Chevron campus, has been a long and often arduous one.  Which is as it should be; for the project to be a success it must be mutually beneficial for both the developer and the community.  Throughout the process, going back more than five years now, at each step we slowed things down and took our time to get it right.  The end result, heavily influenced by public input and modified to address legitimate concerns, will be a wonderful addition to our commercial sector with certain constraints imposed to protect the surrounding residential interests.  It’s a positive outcome we can all get behind as we anticipate the exciting progress it will bring.

March 4, 2022

Bellaire Stands With Ukraine

Next time you drive by, be sure to take a look at the flagpole outside Bellaire City Hall.  Today we’ve joined a growing number of cities around the world that are either flying the Ukrainian flag, or have lit their municipal buildings in blue and yellow as a show of solidarity.  Not just with our brothers and sisters in Ukraine, but with free peoples and defenders of liberty everywhere who support the rule of law and international order.

We proudly stand with the Ukrainian people in their time of need.  We admire their bravery, courage and strength in the face of extreme adversity and against overwhelming odds.  We pray for an end to the bloodshed and suffering, for the restoration of peace, and for the successful defense of a sovereign nation against an unprovoked and unlawful invasion.  Godspeed to the Ukrainian military, her civilian leadership, and to all the ordinary citizens doing extraordinary things.

Sincere thanks to our friends at Kronberg's Flags and Flagpoles for generously donating the flag, and to those Bellaire residents who came together and made it possible.  We appreciate all of you who have reached out over the past week with your ideas and offers of help, and have inspired this meaningful gesture.  Anyone looking for other ways to support Ukraine, please check out this list compiled by The Bellaire Buzz.