February 16, 2021

Quick Update

Not a whole lot has changed since my last post early this morning, but here’s a quick update before we all settle in for another cold night.

Municipal Water Supply

Bellaire water is safe to drink, although you’re likely not getting much of it right now as residential connections remain mostly frozen.  (To be clear, as I’m hearing there may be some confusion about this, it’s the supply pipe running from the street to your house; the water mains are functioning properly with normal pressure.)  Public Works is monitoring the system and addressing any other issues as they arise.  What water you do use, please use sparingly.

Power Outages

CenterPoint advises that they have identified and are performing some equipment repairs that will allow them to begin restoring power to more customers.  However, they are also concerned about the next icy weather system coming in overnight and the possibility it could cause further outages.  Due to the ongoing statewide power generation shortfall, CenterPoint is required to follow ERCOT’s directive to reduce the load by continuing to implement controlled outages.

City Services Suspended

As you’ve probably guessed by now, city services will remain suspended tomorrow (Wednesday).  Please hold your trash and recyclables until your next regularly scheduled pickup day.  If the situation improves such that we can resume city services on Thursday, we will let you know as soon as possible.