June 24, 2016

Updated City Council Priorities

In the broadest sense, the City Council's job is to decide the big picture questions and set the policy direction for the City.  The Charter enumerates as Council's responsibilities, to "enact local legislation, adopt budgets, [and] determine policies ...."  The City Manager and staff then "execute the laws and administer the government of the City."

To ensure some measure of consistency in its policy direction, City Council has adopted and periodically reviews and updates its Priorities document (available on the City website, under the "Our Government" tab, here).  These Council Priorities are not only a statement of our most important areas of focus, they guide the city staff in implementing the policy direction they are given.  Nothing is done at random; it all ties back to one or more Priorities.

The latest updates to the document, which Council adopted at its last meeting, reflect the progress we've made on existing Priorities and identify new ones for the coming year:

  • Develop a comprehensive community pathways plan and seek public input.
  • Proceed with the successor to the Rebuild Bellaire program, with a focus on both local and regional drainage issues.
  • Approve and build municipal buildings (City Hall/Civic Center and Police/Courts buildings).
  • Systematically replace failing waterlines.
  • Develop, approve and execute a citywide beautification plan.
  • Encourage improvement in (the appearance of) the business and residential areas of the City.
  • Continue proactive dialogue with the business community.

In addition to the existing Priorities that were not revised this year, these inform the major themes that will be incorporated in the proposed FY 2017 budget to be presented to Council at its Regular Session on July 18.