June 10, 2016

Municipal Facilities Design Milestone Reached

After the voters approved bond funding in 2013 for our new City Hall, Civic Center, Police Department and Municipal Courts facilities, we got right to work designing the buildings.  But when it became apparent we needed some fresh ideas, we slowed things down to get more public input.

Through two ad hoc citizens’ committees and with a great deal of input from the general public, we’re now back on track.  While the project is still in the design development phase, City Council’s approval of the ad hoc committee’s unanimous recommendation concerning the overall look and feel of the buildings represents a significant milestone, as we can now turn our attention to the more detailed design considerations.

Click here to view the full presentation of the ad hoc committee’s recommendations from the May 16, 2016 town hall meeting.

As a result of the delay for greater public input, two years’ worth of construction cost increases and changes to the site plan and building designs have raised the budget for the project by approximately $3.8 million.  Additionally, in the course of schematic design for the Police Department building, the 2012 facility needs assessment was reevaluated in light of the ever-changing landscape of law enforcement standards and best practices.  Increased square footage for the jail, CID, patrol division and training facilities will better future-proof the new building at an additional cost of approximately $1.7 million.

We are thus preparing for a November 2016 bond election for the remaining funds needed to move forward with the project, which has been greatly improved through this process.  Stay tuned for information about the bond proposal and plan to join us for a town hall meeting this summer.

On behalf of City Council, I wish to express our sincere appreciation to the citizens who served on our two ad hoc facilities committees, and to all who have given us their input.