October 11, 2023

In Solidarity With Israel

Hagit Bibi Photography
I was proud to represent Bellaire, along with Mayor Pro Tem Frazier, at the Houston Community Gathering in Solidarity with Israel a few nights ago.  I was proud to see so many of our Bellaire neighbors in attendance as well.  I was proud to hear Mayor Turner speak on behalf of the City of Houston, one of the most diverse cities in the nation, taking an unequivocal stand in condemning the unspeakable atrocities being perpetrated against innocent civilians and calling out evil for what it is.

Regardless of one’s political views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, terrorism and mass murder are wholly indefensible and all of us, as members of a civilized society, have a moral obligation to denounce such heinous acts.

The event, organized by the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston, drew more than 2,100 people of all faiths, races and backgrounds, with several hundred more participating by livestream.  Dozens of community leaders and elected officials from both political parties were there.  And it was just one of many such gatherings taking place across the country and around the world.  As dark as these days have been, witnessing diverse groups of people coming together to support one another, united by our shared humanity, has provided a bit of light.

Video of the event is available for replay online.  For those who are moved to contribute, a local emergency fund has been established to accept donations that will directly benefit victims and their families.