April 2, 2020

Coming Together as a Community (While Staying Apart)

This temporary “new normal,” in which not only the adults are working from home but the kids are, too, is positively surreal.  We never imagined, for example, having to remind our young children of their scheduled videoconferences throughout the workday.  For a bit of exercise and fresh air, and to keep from climbing the walls, we’re getting outside more often as a family for walks around the neighborhood.  We’ve enjoyed running into many of you out on the street (but at a safe distance), reconnecting with friends and making new ones.  It’s obvious from those conversations that we’re all in this together, and also how much we value our togetherness as a community.

It’s so inspiring to see all we’re doing to help one another.  While we’re out on our walks, we know that unfortunately not everyone is able to leave their homes as we are.  Concerned neighbors are reaching out to lend a hand to those in need, such as by picking up extra items at the store, or just checking in from time to time, staying connected even in isolation.  Beyond everything they already do for us, Bellaire police are offering grocery and prescription drug deliveries to residents 65 and older and those with disabilities.  We’re all finding ways to do our part.  Each day brings more good deeds and acts of kindness.

On a broader scale, residents and community groups are taking the initiative for meaningful action in support of the COVID-19 response.  Several of our fellow citizens organized a medical supply donation drive last weekend for distribution to Houston-area hospitals and clinics, and are maintaining an ongoing effort online.  Another citizen group has formed to show appreciation for our healthcare heroes, while at the same time supporting our local restaurants, by making it easy to order meals to be delivered to hardworking hospital staff.  With so many of these restaurants and other small businesses suffering through the economic impacts of this crisis, the Bellaire Business Association has ramped up its Stay Loyal to Local campaign and continues to provide timely guidance and resources to its membership.  And to help keep restless kids entertained during these long days stuck at home, the same Bellaire moms who brought you last week’s teddy bear hunt are mixing it up this week with rainbows.

These are but a few examples of how our community is really coming together in this challenging and uncertain time, and we look forward to many more in the weeks ahead.  Got an idea or volunteer opportunity the City can help publicize?  Send an e-mail and let us know!  Be sure you’re subscribed to receive our communications through Notify Me, and check out our COVID-19 resource page for the latest updates.