April 24, 2017

Welcome to Your Evelyn’s Park!

It was a picture-perfect day in our picture-perfect new park.  The Grand Opening was a huge success and it was wonderful to celebrate with so many of you.  After years of anticipation and excitement, Evelyn’s Park did not disappoint!

This magnificent accomplishment shows us the power of dreaming big.  There were so many visionaries who made it possible.  Bellaire is forever grateful to the Rubenstein family for their unparalleled generosity in acquiring the property and donating it to the City for our signature new park.  It’s a beautiful tribute to family, community and nature, all of which captures the spirit of Evelyn Rubenstein and continues her legacy for generations to come.

A mere “thank you” isn’t enough.  Indeed, there are no words adequate to express our community’s appreciation for this incredible gift.  So we show it through our commitment to the park.  A great many people from all over Bellaire have been involved from the very beginning in making it happen.  We offer our thanks and congratulations to the Evelyn’s Park Conservancy, City of Bellaire staff, and to all of the volunteers, donors and supporters who have partnered with us in making this dream a reality.  And just by coming out to celebrate and enjoy the park as a community, we are all participants in its success.

The opening of Evelyn’s Park is a truly historic event in Bellaire, as it takes its place in helping to define the future of our city.  At the same time, it pays homage to our past, and the new “old yellow house” reminds us of that.  It’s very fitting that the Teas property now serves as a refuge to come and enjoy nature and its many wonders.  Bellaire is known for our great quality of life, and with Evelyn’s Park it gets even better.

Help Us Be a Good Neighbor

For Opening Day and related activities this weekend, some traffic and parking impacts on surrounding streets were unavoidable.  As things settle down into a more regular routine, however, we ask that you please be considerate of your neighbors near Evelyn’s Park.  In addition to onsite parking, satellite lots are available across the street at Bellaire United Methodist Church.  There are plenty of bike racks onsite as well.  Please cross the street only at designated crosswalks, and use sidewalks coming to and from the park.  Thank you for helping us be a good neighbor.