February 15, 2021

Stay Safe, Stay Warm and Stay Off the Roads

This severe winter weather system is living up to expectations.  The kids (and many adults) were delighted to wake up to a Bellaire blanketed in snow, but our winter wonderland has come with some real headaches, too.  So far, the primary impact has been widespread power outages in several areas throughout the City, as the constrained supply and delivery infrastructure struggles to keep up with tremendous demand.  Authorities have asked us all to do our part by conserving electricity as much as possible.

Some things to know, now and over the next few days:

Bellaire Emergency Operations

Following Governor Abbott's statewide disaster declaration on Friday, yesterday I issued our local declaration, as did Judge Hidalgo for the County.  The Bellaire Emergency Operations Center is activated at Level II—High Readiness, with many functions being performed remotely per our COVID-19 protocols.  The EOC is in direct communication and is coordinating with our area partners including CenterPoint.

For Those Experiencing Power Outages

Residents are encouraged to monitor CenterPoint's website and social media communications for the latest information concerning outages.  Unfortunately, CenterPoint has advised that customers currently experiencing an outage should be prepared to be without power for at least the rest of the day.  Residents with medical conditions who are in need of assistance should call the Bellaire EOC non-emergency number, (713) 668-0487.  In case of a life-threatening emergency call 911.

City Council Meeting Cancellation

Notwithstanding that tonight's City Council meeting would have been telephonic anyway, given the number of power outages throughout the City and the uncertainty whether more are to come, the meeting is canceled.  This is to ensure all participants and interested members of the public will be able to access the meeting when it’s rescheduled.  We are currently working on confirming a date and will provide notice accordingly.

City Services Updates

All city facilities remain closed and there will be no solid waste or recycling collection through tomorrow (Tuesday) at least.  Stay tuned for weather-related service updates, which can be accessed on the City website, here.

Please put safety first—yours, your family’s and everyone else’s—by staying off the roads until conditions improve.  Check in on your neighbors, especially those without power or who may have medical needs.  For those with power, please do your part by conserving it as much as possible so that everyone can be brought back online quickly.  Stay informed and receive updates from the City through our website, the PrepareBellaire emergency alert system, Notify Me, and social media including Facebook, NextDoor and Twitter.