August 25, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Disaster Declaration

Today I have issued a disaster declaration in anticipation of Hurricane Harvey and its potential damaging effects within the City.  The Bellaire Emergency Operations Center has been activated and is working closely with other area agencies in preparing for landfall and for a coordinated response in its aftermath.

As you know, in Bellaire we are blessed with an experienced, dedicated team of professionals who are well trained for major events like this and stand ready to assist you and your families.  Not only our first responders in Police and Fire, but also in Public Works, the City Manager’s office, and across all city departments.  Essential personnel have made arrangements to remain in Bellaire through the weekend for rapid response when called upon.  Be assured we’re in good hands.

Please take care of yourselves, your family and your property.  Remember not to put out garbage bags (after this morning’s pick up) until further notice, as they can often float away and clog the storm drains.  Be on the lookout for and secure other debris, as well.  You are encouraged not to leave any vehicles parked in the street and to move them to higher ground.

Be safe, be patient, and let’s help one another as neighbors in weathering this storm.