March 4, 2021

Kind Cards, From Your Neighbors

As I emphasized when I first introduced it as our theme for the year, and again in my State of the City Address last month, #OneBellaire belongs to all of us.  While the City will be offering several opportunities for us to come together and reunite as a community, residents are expressly encouraged to bring forward their own ideas as well.  I’m delighted that a group of our neighbors have answered that call, and are reaching out to all of us to ask for our participation in creating and sending Kind Cards.

This is a strictly citizen led initiative, brought about by the recognition that much of what we have in mind for #OneBellaire will involve in-person interaction, once it’s safe to resume public gatherings.  Until then, or even concurrently, the organizers see Kind Cards as a way to reinforce our interconnectedness through a simple act of kindness among neighbors.  Their goal is to reach every single household in Bellaire, as well as every member of the city staff, by creating and distributing postcards with original art and messages of kindness.  They’re on a mission to unite our community and spread the neighborly spirit throughout Bellaire.

For Kind Cards to be a success, they need our help:

  • 1.  Create a hand-drawn card design showing what unity means to you.

  • 2.  Find or write a short poem about the importance of unity.

  • 3.  Find a meaningful quote that relates to unity.

Submittals are requested by March 10, by e-mail to  They’d also love to hear from you with any other ideas, questions or suggestions you may have.  This is a great opportunity for the whole family, especially kids and teens, to participate in community engagement.

The plan is for each household to receive two cards, one for themselves and one to send to someone else, paying it forward by giving as well as receiving.  The organizers are currently exploring potential funding options to help cover the costs.  Their hope is that these purposeful acts of kindness will remind us all of our importance to each other, our connection, and the value of actively cultivating a positive sense of community in Bellaire.  Where residents genuinely know one another and care about their neighbors, even though we may disagree on certain issues.  Exactly what #OneBellaire is all about!