September 22, 2020

Weathering Tropical Storm Beta

The Bellaire Emergency Operations Center is currently activated at Level I—Maximum Readiness, and is fully staffed with some personnel on-site and others working remotely due to COVID-19.  This activation will continue for at least the rest of today and into tonight, and for as long as Tropical Storm Beta poses a threat to our area.  The system is expected to clear out by this time tomorrow.

Locally the EOC estimates we’ve received more than 11 inches of rain over the past 24 hours.  Add to that the significant rainfall totals elsewhere throughout the region, plus the effects of storm surge downstream of us, and Brays Bayou rather rapidly filled up and approached top of bank overnight, but still with some good capacity to spare.  Thankfully there has been enough time between heavy rain bands to allow it to drain a bit, and the level is steadily receding.  There have been no reports of any structural flooding in Bellaire.

Still, during periods of intense rainfall we’re experiencing some instances of street flooding at several locations and residents are urged to stay off the roads as much as possible.  A list of these areas to avoid has been posted on the City website and will be updated throughout the event.  To report high water not already on the list please call the Bellaire Police non-emergency line at (713) 668-0487.  For storm sewer blockages or sanitary sewer problems call Public Works at (713) 662-8170.

Our drinking water has not been affected and remains safe.  Solid waste and recycling pickup are canceled today and tomorrow.  All other non-essential city services, including City Hall, library, rec center, pools and municipal court, are closed for the day.  As decisions are made for reopening they will be communicated through Notify Me.  You can also stay informed by checking our Tropical Storm/Hurricane Updates page on the website.

While Beta has weakened to a tropical depression and we’re cautiously optimistic we’re through the worst of it, conditions can change rapidly and we need to be prepared for the possibility of another 5 to 10 inches of rain before it’s gone.  Please be safe out there, stay off the roads if you can, and help our Public Works crews keep the storm drains clear by securing loose items (including trash bags and recycling bins that could float away) and by reporting any blockages.