July 24, 2020

Severe Weather During COVID-19

The City of Bellaire is actively monitoring Tropical Storm Hanna, which brings the potential for heavy rainfall and high winds starting later today and continuing through the weekend.  While the forecast track does appear to be shifting further to our south, we’re still expecting plenty of rain as we’ll be on the “dirty” side of the storm.  Street flooding is considered the most likely threat here in our area.

City crews have been busy making our usual severe weather preparations, such as inspecting and clearing out storm sewer inlets, and staging equipment and vehicles at strategic locations for ready deployment.  Emergency operations personnel have been participating in daily briefings and are on standby to activate the Emergency Operations Center if needed.

Importantly, we know we won’t get a free pass on COVID-19 should this turn out to be a significant weather event.  First responders will continue to take all appropriate precautions and will have on hand additional personal protective equipment for anyone who needs it.  Residents are encouraged to help each other out and to check in on their more vulnerable neighbors, while still practicing social distancing and observing the public health guidelines we’ve all by now gotten used to.

Please begin making your own preparations to protect your family and property if you haven’t already.  Solid waste and recycling are being picked up today as usual, but all other loose items should be secured so they don’t end up in the storm drains.  Visit our hurricane preparedness resource page for helpful information, sign up for the City’s Notify Me and PrepareBellaire e-mail and mass notification systems, and stay tuned to local media for the latest updates.