January 18, 2018

Kudos to Our Solid Waste Crews

Your city leaders—Council, City Manager, department heads—talk a lot about the high level of services our residents expect, and that we’re committed to providing.  Which is as it should be in a premier enclave community.  The exceptional effort put forth by our solid waste crews during the cold weather event these past few days is just another great example.

As the Houston area was mostly shut down by icy roads, that and other safety concerns prevented our crews from starting their routes on time.  Plus, the landfill was closed, so for the time being there would be nowhere to take our solid waste even if they could collect it.  But rather than calling it a day, the crews headed out just as soon as conditions allowed and worked until dark to get as much done as they could.  This morning they got an early start, to finish what they couldn’t get to yesterday.

The City works very hard in communicating important and timely information to residents, like our messages this week to keep you apprised of the changing solid waste schedules so you would know what to expect and when.  If you’re not signed up to receive these updates, you should be (subscribe on the City website, here).  Public Works employees back in the office fielded a high volume of calls this week, doing their part to keep you informed.

We appreciate our solid waste crews and all city employees for their can-do attitude, positive spirit and willingness to stay late, and in miserable conditions no less.  Kudos to each and every one of them.  Next time you pass them on the street and exchange a friendly wave, be sure to thank them for all they do.